Below is some of the projects we have completed. Click on an image to view more information.

Royston Day Nursery
Bartlow Nursery
Melbourn Recreational Ground
The Sheene Mill
Thermal Engineering
Melbourn Pavilion Changing Rooms
BVC Graphics Room

Royston Day Nursery Return to Projects

Our latest project is the conversion of an old commercial kitchen into a working day nursery.

The client runs a chain of nurseries in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire and this is their latest addition.

The project involved stripping the existing unit of all fixtures and fittings related to the commercial kitchen and completely renovating the interior with entirely new electrics and plumbing, re-plastered and decorated surfaces and new fire rated oak veneer doors with large glass viewings.

Ashton Group also took complete care of the change of use conversion required for planning permission. This includes all necessary architectural drawings and compulsory building works to give the unit D1 status meaning it is suitable to welcome members of the public for any purpose including education.

Bartlow Nursery Return to Projects

Over a period of two days we took a previously unused area of our client’s nursery garden and turned it into a bright and colourful space with secure fencing and a soft and practical outdoor flooring. We also removed and relayed the bark around the fencing and throughout the whole of the remainder of the garden.

Melbourn Recreational Ground Return to Projects

During this project we worked largely with building control and our landscaping professionals in order to supply a local council with a footpath that met all safety specifications and also provided them with a pathway that was visually pleasing.

The Sheene Mill Return to Projects

This restaurant / function room was a project we managed over four weeks. We turned the room into a high specification dining area for an up market hotel in Hertfordshire. This project pulled in our whole range of expertise, we managed all trades and professionals from building control through to interior design. Electrics, plastering and specialist painting and decorating works were required.

Thermal Engineering Return to Projects

This was a three phase project; the initial stage was large scale concrete works. This involved clearing and laying 250 sqm of reinforced concrete for a storage compound. The second phrase focussed on major fencing expansion and readjustments. We constructed over 250 metres of wire mesh security fencing and fitted two large double gates in order to provide an area for waste materials to be kept, within this area we constructed a higher level security area approximately 10 sqm using palisade fencing suitable for chemical storage. Finally stage three included installing two free standing structures and concrete floor painting. Over the course of the final stage we supplied and fitted a large double bike shed, a large double smoking shelter and painted all health and safety required specifications onto the surrounding concrete.

Melbourn Pavilion Changing Rooms Return to Projects

Taking around three weeks this complete refurbishment required up to date fixtures and fittings in order to meet modern design standards and to cover all health and safety aspects that occur in such an environment. This project required an electrical rewire, plumbing overhaul and complete fit out of new furniture and doors.

BVC Graphics Room Return to Projects

This project was for a secondary school with whom we have worked for a long time. This work specifically involved redesigning and installing a new classroom that was suitable for teaching Graphics Technology. We levelled and relayed all flooring, incorporated new electrics and customer built work top space, providing a organised teaching and learning environment.